A Delightful Dining Room

Welcome to our new website and The Journal!  My dear friend Colby did an amazing job creating this site and I am so excited to start blogging again- something I have been terrible at the last few years.   If you follow me on IG or FB you can see that my life has taken some twists and turns to say the least – we now have an adorable sweet baby boy that has stolen our hearts and our time:)  Of course I need to post a pic:) Cutest baby ever right?!!!

Aside from the hectic home life, we are back to business and I’ve been wanting to share some behind the design of a project from a few months back.  Clients and followers always want to know how I start a design? where do my ideas/concepts come from? and how does the process work?  I wish I had a magic wand when it came to an answer but really every project is different.  I may be inspired by a piece of art the client has, maybe it’s a great fabric I found but ultimately for me it’s a vision- yes I know it sounds crazy but I see the space in ways others can’t- I see how the light hits the room, how we can highlight and/or alter the architecture, the colors that will work best, etc. and then I get very excited about how I will execute my plan!  But most projects during some stage have me doing a digital moodboard or design board to give the client an idea for the direction I’m headed.  Now the moodboard sometimes is just that- it sets the tone for feel/style/color for the space.  And sometimes a number of the items on the board are already selected and it’s just pulling the rest together.   Here’s a design board for a dining room makeover:

and then this is how the room turned out…

Photo: Tiffany Ringwald

a few more detail shots:

photo: Tiffany Ringwald
Panel Detail
Drapery Trim Detail
Photo: Tiffany Ringwald

So much of what a designer does is meticulously thought out and planned down to every last detail.  It’s not a coincidence the ring pattern on the carpet is mimicked throughout the space – the ring pattern on the trim of the drapes and the droplet glass circles on the chandelier just tied it all together like a pretty present!  I just love the way this room turned out and the clients are pretty happy too!