Ally’s Loves: Beauty Edition

When ever I’m perusing around the blogosphere I often times find myself drawn to beauty posts. I love seeing what others use as their “must-have” makeup and beauty products. Nothing is better than discovering a new item that you wonder how you ever lived without. I have a few that I would love to share with you…let’s just say if we were swapping our favorites these would be what I would pull out of my bag.




I’m not a makeup queen- probably far from it, however I love a product that gives me great coverage that doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a mask on my face. I know bareMinerals has been around for awhile now, but if you haven’t tried it yet I think it’s a definite for the gal who wants a great look while not looking “overdone”.

Michael Kors perfume

I love a scent that is light, yet wearable and Michael by Michael Kors is exactly that for me. The beauty of this is that is lasts and lasts. The first time I wore it I was impressed and got a ton of compliments. Here’s the description: “Tuberose reinvented. Rich creamy florals enhanced by sensual woods and exotic incense. Michael Kors is a fragrance that instantly feels right. Feels comfortable. Feels luxurious.”

 Lollia Hand Cream

If you have kids then you know you’re constantly washing your hands. I carry this cream around with me and it never fails to quickly absorb into the skin and smells incredible. I want my hand creams to do double duty: hydrate and smell fantastic. This does both!