Budget Friendly Shiplap


It’s all the rage and I can’t deny my love of shiplap. No longer reserved for an older home, shiplap is making a comeback in a major way. Thanks to shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper, I have more clients asking for this look and I’m more than happy to oblige. In fact, when I was designing the AWD treehouse studio I knew from the start that Shiplap would be my wall cover of choice.

A few shiplap looks I love…

Who say’s shiplap always has to be white?

dark Shiplap
livingroom shiplap

I knew I wanted to find an affordable option for my little design abode so I assigned the job of finding a suitable alternative to my husband and AWD project manager, Scott. I knew I didn’t want a seamless look, but rather something that showed off the “shiplap” look’s character and charm. We discovered that by stapling roofing tar paper to the walls we would find our answer.

Using nickels as spacers (you knew those pesky things at the bottom of your purse would come in handy for something, right?), we were able to construct the shiplap-esque walls while still allowing a bit of the black to peak out between boards. Completely budget friendly, our Spruce came in under the true shiplap boards that averaged right around $8.22-$13.00 at our local home improvement store.



Budget friendly SHIP LAP-2

So are you ready to get going on your next shiplap project?