Four Affordable Headboard Ideas: Create Your Own Story!

There is something about designing beautiful bedrooms that truly makes me swoon. A bedroom is where your yoga pants are the wardrobe staple and your aesthetic can be as girly or masculine as you wish. Often times it’s just that perfect combination of wall color, symmetry, art, and bedding that combine to create a soothing oasis that is just “you.” 

However, all these elements won’t synchronize unless you have a bed that beckons you to stare just a bit longer than usual. When decorating a bedroom one of the first things to think about is how will you make the bed a focal point? Of course, you can always spend a fortune on an expensive tufted headboard (I’m a sucker for tufts of any kind too) or you can look for affordable ways to make a dramatic statement sans a traditional headboard. 
Apartment Therapy
Here is a fabulous example for blending colors as well as demonstrating symmetry with the lamps. 
I love how this bedroom breathes drama with just a hint of moodiness. The floor to ceiling drapes create a great border for the main highlight, the framed pictures above the bed. Notice how the frames are different sizes as well as colors, creating contrast and interest. The best thing about this room? Everything is from IKEA!
Source unknown found via HomeTalk
Another great example of using drapery in an unconventional way in the bedroom. The use of a older, distressed shutter is a great way to add rustic charm to this room while the white sheers help to soften the look.
Liz Marie Blog
Old window panes are one of the objects to be repurposed around the house. Why not when they can be this interesting? This was a great take on how to create a “headboard” without actually needing to purchase one. I also love that Liz used this look in her guest bedroom. It’s perfect as it’s not too feminine or masculine and creates a comfortable environment for every visitor.
MILIEU Magazine Spring 2014
This is one of my favorite ideas for an unconventional focal point for your bed. This reclaimed iron gate adds charm and interest to this otherwise conservative bed. 
I love that these bedrooms all have one thing in common: character. It’s important to remember that whenever choosing a headboard you find something that speaks to you. There is nothing better than walking into a room with a bed that tells a story without saying a word.