4 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Decor

I always get asked what are some of the top interior design mistakes I see being made when I go to redesign a space. Although I believe rules are made to be broken, there are always certain parameters that should be kept in mind when curating pieces and putting them all together. If you find yourself falling into any one of these design debacles don’t stress- there are easy fixes to these top four decorating mistakes.

4 Decor Mistakes

1. Matchy-Matchy

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying furniture and accessories in sets. The early living and bedroom suites where every lamp and end table was matched perfectly is now a thing of the past. Although it’s a quick fix to throw a room together, it never looks right and is always void of any personal style. Remember your decorating is a representation of you and your family and when it’s purchased in a lot it takes away from your own taste. Take your time curating your pieces and you will find there slowly emerges a pattern that is just “you.”

2. Furniture Scale Gone Awry

When decorating your rooms it is imperative to keep scale in mind. It’s so common to walk into a space and see side tables, artwork, or even the main sofa itself grossly scaled either too small or too large for a space. Nothing can throw off a beautiful design like a piece of furniture that’s tiny in comparison for a room. In all honesty, I would rather see a sofa too large than one too small for a space.

Furniture Scale
This room is incredible, but proved to be tricky when scaling furniture. I chose a dining room table that did not get “lost” in the room and could really hold its own.

3. Hanging Pictures Too High

A common mistake seen one too many times is hanging artwork too high on the wall. Along with furniture scale, this is a faux-pas that is often times overlooked. Artwork should be hung at eye-level and always spaced evenly.

4. Too Many Colors Or Patterns

One way to make your room look extra small and chaotic? Mix several colors and patterns together and run with it. Whenever I am working with a client I always take into account hues that “speak” to them. These are colors that they are naturally drawn to and usually evoke relaxation or tranquility. Patterns should compliment a color scheme and not compete with it.

Patterns and Colors
A beautiful collage of colors and patterns working together for one of my clients.