Flipping This Kitchen

Happy Sunday Everyone!  I have been trying to get around to this blog for quite some time, so with a quiet house this Sunday afternoon, here it goes!

I completed this kitchen last year and it was shot for This Old House Magazine last November and hit newsstands a few months ago.  My client was so fun to work with and what an honor to be able to transform this space – the heart of the home!  I love it when I can walk into a space and immediately have a vision.  That’s exactly what happened when I walked into my clients kitchen well, almost.  I’ll be honest, my first thought was yikes where do I start? but soon enough I was drawing in my head and completely flipping the space.  What I mean is this was a long kitchen with underutilized space so I flipped the work space and dining space.  Here are some before/after pictures of the kitchen:



My client is just a bundle of sunshine so we wanted the kitchen to reflect that spirited side of her.  She is a  busy Mom with even busier kids- so creating a space that was functional was key and ample seating was a must.  Not only is there 5 of them in the family, but the kids are constantly hosting team dinners so accommodating lots of people was a priority.  That’s why flipping the space made sense, now not only is there room for a large island with seating, but the banquette can accommodate almost 15 people comfortably.


Hard to believe a home that’s over 5,000 sq. ft had a kitchen smooshed into this teeny tiny space- just not functional.  But we changed all that!


Where a non-functioning pantry was before, we created a drop zone area for the kids and all their stuff!



img_3933Sunny yellow pantry door and Birch tree wallpaper…yes please!!!



Large pull out pantry, full size refrigerator and full size freezer = chef’s heaven!  and get ahold of this island, it is gigantic.  So large in fact we had to get creative with the countertop.  Quartz slabs only come so large and typically if there is an appliance on the island a seam doesn’t matter, but we decided to add interest instead. We added a piece of walnut (same wood from shelves) down the middle.


Coolest light ever:)





Here are the pictures from This Old House magazine:




I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend.  I know I’m praying for cooler temperatures this week- come on Fall!!!