Things I’m Loving Now!

A Blog long overdue:)

There are so many things I’m crushing on right now in the design world, I thought I would share some of them with you!

Let’s talk temporary wallpaper- yes it’s peel and stick wallpaper for the gun-shy person that has a fear of the permanent. They come in so many fun patterns and it’s super easy to install.

Crushing on this Eucalyptus wallpaper:

What a pretty green lamp from Brooke and Lou! p.s. comes in navy too!

Woohoo- The bar making a comeback! This Campaign bar from Ballard is classy and elegant!

Can you tell I’m digging Green right now:)

Even though I do not have a green thumb I will forever have plants in my home. They clean the air and add a pop of color! These planters compliment any space.

That’s it- keeping it short and sweet. I vow to be better at blogging (hmmm, I think you’ve heard me say that before) LOL! Enjoy your weekend Friends!