3 Fixes for Your Dull Family Loft

I often find that the loft space in a home is one of the last areas to be decorated, if at all. It normally becomes a hodge podge of left over furniture, lamps, and artwork that never really found a home anywhere else. The tragedy is that now more and more, these loft spaces are centrally located upstairs, with direct access to hallways and bedrooms. It’s a great place for the kiddos games and toys, however don’t forget you don’t want to walk up the stairs or past the loft and become overcome with a wave of anxiety. Here are three fixes to change a dull, chaotic loft into a space you want to not only show off, but relax in as well.



A textured wall is a great way to add character to your loft. If you want a balance of sophistication and kid friendly, yet know that new furniture and sticky fingers are just not going to mix, try thinking out of the box with a great textured wall. I love a beautiful grass cloth. It’s neutral to go with just about any color, and just enough sheen and texture to give it a glamorous feel. When all the toys are put away at the end of a long day, having a room that can be both friendly to your little ones and cozy for you can be worth it many times over.

Textured wall


Quickest way to add wow to your room other than a new wall covering or paint? Look no further than below your feet. A new rug can bring so much interest to a room, and often times can be the only thing you need to change in order to really warm up your space. Remember your new addition should fit your family’s lifestyle. In other words, if you have kids keep in mind you should choose a fiber that will be easy to clean… think polypropylene or synthetic. Although I love a beautiful wool or chenille rug like any other gal, it’s important to remember your family loft is probably not the best place for an investment piece. Wayfair has a great rug material guide that can help you choose the right fit for you.

Kid Friendly Rug


If within budget, I highly recommend skipping the TV console and going straight to built-ins. These storage titans are perfect for a busy family and add mega watts of charm to your loft. If your space doubles as a movie room and play area, the built-ins allow for easy hide away storage of toys and other electronic gadgets. I also love the way this shelving option gives you creative freedom to really style your room with just the right accent pieces, high out of reach from little hands.